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Kalp Solution has been established in the year of 2015 with only one objective to dedicate itself for quality services in Human Resource Sector and Digital Solutions. We have specialized in HR Staffing, Recruitment Training, HR Training, Corporate Training, Payroll Outsourcing, Security Services and Contract Labor Services. We provide skilled Human resources at Top, Middle and Junior level and digital marketing services Like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Outreach,Re-targeting,Content Generation and Optimization, Quality Link Building, Affiliate Marketing and Integrated Online Marketing Strategies. Placement Consultancies are the firms that act as a link between the job seekers and companies offering jobs in various areas. Their work is to reduce the confusion and hassle for the companies who want to hire.

They simply act as a guiding role to the career prospects. Kalp Solutions offers a wide range of highly quality researched consulting services, helps in finding the right candidate for the job. We have consultants with the ability to generate innovative ideas and perspectives.

Our employers have an in-depth understanding of what the company is looking for in their candidates. We give our applicants an insight into how the business is, what the work they have to do over there and benefits available, also the work culture.

According to surveys, the companies can save their time and budget by giving the complete Hiring task to an Human Resource company.


Executive Search Consultant

At KALP SOLUTIONS consultants we are dedicated to offers executive search services across the country for our clients.

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Professional Recruitment Consultants

We in Kalp Solutions bring a high level of expertise in the area of hiring the right talent for the right job.

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Recruitment Partner for e-Commerce Sector

Within the past few years, the e-commerce sector has witnessed rapid growth in India as compared to other countries.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing is a tedious task which no organization can evade. From candidate profile screening to

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Senior And Middle-Level Hiring

KALP SOLUTIONS Consultants is proficient in hiring senior and middle-level employees as our team have many years of experience

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Telecom Recruitment Consultant

The Telecom industry is witnessing rapid growth in the global market owing to the arrival of new marke

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IT Recruitment Consultants

If you are in search of a reliable IT recruitment consultant, then you are in the right place as Kalp Solutions is here to offer the best IT manpower

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