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Android Apps Development

It is about the design and development (programming) of a piece of software that runs on any Android mobile phone.Such software is developed by computer programmer’s/software engineers for use by people in general or customized applications. The popular ‘WhatsApp’ is one such app.


Android, developed by the American company Google, serves as the mobile operating system predominantly found on a plethora of smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers. It grants users access to Google’s suite of services such as Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, and more. Beyond these fundamental functions, Android offers a wealth of additional capabilities.

Android Software Development

Android Software Development encompasses the creation of new applications for devices running on the Android operating system. According to Google, Android apps can be developed using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages, facilitated by the Android Software Development Kit. Additionally, utilizing other languages is also feasible.

Although initially released a decade ago in October 2009, Android’s stable release (26.1.1) arrived in September 2017, developed in Java by Google.

Advantages of Android:

  1. Open Source Nature: Android, being Linux-based and open-source, is accessible for development by anyone.
  2. Multitasking Capability: Android devices support multitasking, allowing users to run multiple applications concurrently, such as browsing while listening to music.
  3. Easy Access to the Android App Market: With Google’s Android App market, users can easily download numerous applications, many of which are available for free.
  4. Installation of Modified ROMs: Android users have the flexibility to install custom ROMs, enabling customization without compromising device integrity.
  5. Diverse Phone Options: Unlike iOS, which is exclusive to Apple’s iPhone, Android is available on devices from various manufacturers, offering a wide array of choices to suit individual preferences.

Want an App for your business? If so, you have come to the right place.

For businesses seeking to develop custom Android applications, Kalp Solutions is the ideal partner. With a decade of experience in Android application development, Kalp Solutions boasts a skilled team of developers and designers dedicated to meeting every client’s needs.

Our proven methodology for Android development encompasses effective strategy formulation, meticulous design and development, thorough debugging, integration of analytical tools, and more. We prioritize customer satisfaction by employing a balanced approach to address all challenges encountered during the development process.

Utilizing advanced technologies including the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL API, Location API, Multimedia API, Java/J2ME, C++, Android NDK, and SQL Lite Database, our team ensures the delivery of cutting-edge solutions.

Material Design for Android:

At Kalp Solutions, our team offers various animation effects applicable to text, images, and other content, along with custom themes, widgets, and animations to enhance user experience.

Services Offered:

  • Android Game Development
  • Multifarious Application Development
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android Multimedia & Enterprise Solutions
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Navigational Apps Development
  • GPS and WiFi Apps Development
  • Upgrade and Maintenance Services