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Pre Build application

Pre Build Application

Kalp Solutions offers small businesses the opportunity to effortlessly create simple and cost-effective mobile applications independently. Our mobile application platform empowers small enterprises to design, modify, and manage their iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web applications online, without requiring any specialized programming knowledge. Presently, procuring a mobile application from developers can cost small businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles, with subsequent changes incurring significant expenses.

While this might be feasible for larger corporations, it poses a dilemma for smaller ventures. Yet, mobile applications represent a potent means of engaging with customers. Our Kalp Solutions mobile app system equips small businesses to develop high-quality, feature-rich iPhone and Android apps. Furthermore, our specialized platform provides a comprehensive suite for application development, hosting, and promotion, rivaling offerings from major development firms but at highly affordable rates.

Who stands to benefit and what are the costs?

This technology primarily caters to small enterprises aiming to enhance their presence and profitability in the rapidly expanding mobile market but are deterred by the exorbitant costs of iPhone and Android application development. Such expenses are manageable only for large corporations. Kalp Solutions emerges as the ideal solution for small businesses, offering the autonomy to create iPhone and Android applications independently. Clients only need to pay a nominal monthly fee for application maintenance, along with the flexibility to implement changes anytime and dispatch an unlimited number of push notifications.

What constitutes the cornerstone technology facilitating the delivery of a company's product or service?

The pivotal application technology of Kalp Solutions is our user-friendly mobile application platform. This platform empowers companies to tailor applications according to their preferences, bolstered by a plethora of robust features such as messaging, coupon registration, event notifications, business information dissemination, navigation, direct mobile application calls, integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, various calculators, and more. A comprehensive feature list is available here. One of the standout advantages of Kalp Solutions is the real-time flexibility it affords companies to make alterations to their applications without the hassle of re-uploading them to the iTunes App Store, where the approval process can span up to two weeks. Everything is remarkably simple and convenient!