Professional recruitment consultants

Are responsible for attracting the candidates for various jobs and matching them to various positions both temporary and permanent.These agencies match the candidates skills , abilities and experience to various jobs and help a candidate to get a perfect match.  These consultants are attached with the  various client companies.

Requirement consultants have to build a positive relationship with the various client companies. They need to be understanding towards the needs of there respective clients in terms of recruiting requirements.

If an agency finds a suitable candidate for the vacancy . The client companies pay the recruiters upon hiring candidates recommended by them. Usualy such agencies charge around *15%-20%* of clients salary as a commission for there services. The recruitment agencies also helps the candidates to optimise their CVs and resumes.

The recruitment agencies build business through day to day cold calling , networking and marketing technique. Many agencies post about job openings on various social media sites such as facebook and linkedin. A recruitment consultant is required to screen the candidates screen the candidates , take their interviews and most importantly run a background check. It is very important for recruitment agencies to understand the candidates skills , abilities and needs.

The experts from these companies helps you to get placed at best suited roles as mismatched role can hamper the employee turnover ratio of a company.

Recruitment consultants are highly committed  to provide best quality management and offer services in a cost effective manner. Recruitment consultant agencies must have knowledge pertaining to all departments that is sales , marketing , finance , human resource , purchases , supply chain , etc.

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